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Jul 26

Success & Stagnancy both start with a choice: what’s yours?

By Jay Harper | Mindset and Motivation

Want to see success in your health, fitness, career, relationship or life?

First, identify what success means to YOU as an individual; don’t base it on what others perceive it to mean.

Secondly, make a choice to move towards your success every single day.

Be willing to put in the work.

Invest in those that have seen success or are helping others to achieve success in your chosen area.

And make the choice to do something different.

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Jul 26

Are our brains hard-wired?

By Jay Harper | Mindset and Motivation

Did You Know That Our Brain’s Were Hard-Wired To Keep Us In Our Comfort Zones?

It’s called the lizard brain.

What once was a vital survival mechanism to keep us from becoming lunch for razor-toothed, snarling predators, is now holding us back from achieving our goals, dreams and aspirations.

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Jul 26

Are You In Control Of Your Health, Body & Confidence?

By Jay Harper | Mindset and Motivation

Here’s just a few things we think it takes to be ‘in control’.

1. You put your faith in YOU to get results, and not in a quick fix product or plan

2. You make the decision to EMPOWER yourself by learning what your body needs to progress. You’re an individual, a one-size-fits-all plan doesn’t cut it!

3. You understand that happiness and success is a MINDSET and not destination. If you’re the type that thinks you’ll be happy/successful when you achieve ‘X’ you need to take a step back and figure out how to live happily/successfully TODAY.

4. You’re willing to fail. Failing means you’re trying to progress and learning along the way. If you never fail at anything, you’re probably not pushing the boundaries and therefore not progressing. LEARN from past failures, readjust course and try again.

5. You take ACTION. You don’t moan about things you’re not happy with but do nothing to change it. You don’t seek the perfect plan, only to never get started. You just DO. Then adjust along the way.