Look How Sad Little Billy Burger Is…

By Jay Harper | Nutrition

Jul 26

He’s been labelled as ‘BAD’ by the media, clean-eating freaks and your local slimming club.

But little Billy ain’t so bad…

He’s not a ‘red point’. He’s not a ‘syn’ He’s not ‘dirty’ He’s just food!

At B:FAST, we’re massive believers in breaking down bad relationships with food.


Because when foods are labelled as bad, it often brings around feelings of guilt when we do eat something with such a label on it.

It’s a common cycle.

Person goes on a restrictive diet or joins a slimming club.

They’re told they need to restrict or avoid these ‘bad’ foods.

Eventually, they crave the thing they’re not allowed on their plan and give in to temptation.

They haven’t had it in so long that they eat more, and more, and more…

They’re overridden with guilt and then think “screw it, I’ve messed up now let’s go balls deep in the biscuit barrel”

And then they’re back to square one.

Restrict, binge, guilt, restrict, binge, guilt – an endless cycle.

Here’s the truth.

One meal, one day, or even one week can’t completely derail you.

Things crop up and don’t always go to plan, but that’s just LIFE!

Just do what you’ve gotta do, put it behind you, move on and get back on track at the next available opportunity.

Don’t dwell on it and don’t beat yourself up.

It’s only when you let things get out of control of a period of weeks, months and years that the damage is really done.

So ditch the labels, eat the things you enjoy and just be MINDFUL.

No good labels. No bad labels.

Just food.


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