Success & Stagnancy both start with a choice: what’s yours?

By Jay Harper | Mindset and Motivation

Jul 26

Want to see success in your health, fitness, career, relationship or life?

First, identify what success means to YOU as an individual; don’t base it on what others perceive it to mean.

Secondly, make a choice to move towards your success every single day.

Be willing to put in the work.

Invest in those that have seen success or are helping others to achieve success in your chosen area.

And make the choice to do something different.

Truth is, most people stay stuck and remain stagnant simply because they won’t make a decision.

We see it all the time when people enquire about a program but then have to ‘think about it’.

Make a choice, take the plunge and then do the thinking afterwards.

You can make a real life evaluation from your physical experiences, instead of being crippled by ‘thoughts’ of what could happen.

The brain is a funny old thing, and it doesn’t always want you to get out of your comfort zone.

But you have to feel the fear and do it anyway.

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