What’s the first step to success?

By Jay Harper | Uncategorized

Jul 26

One Of The Fundamental #BFAST5 Principles Is Self-Awareness

See, we’re big believers in knowing where you’re at, so that you can then put a plan in place to move forwards.

Sometimes we all tend to hide from the reality of where we’re at right now.

I’ve done it myself many a time, trying to push things away or pretend they’re not there, only for it to bite me in the ass in future.

And we speak to a to of people that try to hide from things they’re not happy about too.

From buying bigger clothes to mask weight/size gain.

To avoiding exercise for fear of being too unfit.

To shying away from looking in the mirror for fear of what’s staring back.

Even, you know, only getting ‘jiggy’ with the lights off

Taking your head out of the sand and staring at the issue head on can be difficult, but it’s also necessary so that you can put a plan in place to start moving away from where you are towards where you want to be.

A few ways to do this?

1. Face whatever you’re hiding head on. Whether it’s trying on a piece of clothing, jumping on the scales, looking in the mirror or whatever else.

2. Write about it. Journal your thoughts, write down how you feel about where you’re at right now.

3. Set yourself a goal, and make it known to others around you so that you’re accountable to someone.

Don’t beat yourself up about where you’re at. And don’t put an idea of perfection in your head either.

We’re big believers in self-love, but sometimes it not as easy as just telling someone to love themselves.

Sometimes they have to see progress to understand what they’re capable of.

Just see it as a starting point on your journey towards a happier, healthier you.

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